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Hi! Welcome to the Sailors Grave! If you are a new customer, or are interested in getting a tattoo from either Maya or Judd Ripley, here is some info you might find useful!

The Sailors Grave is a private studio, and tattoos are by appointment only. Please use the contact form on our contact page or email us for tattoo appointments, consultations etc. The studio is located in Vestsjælland, an hour from Copenhagen by direct train or car.

​                         We accept all major credit cards!


Please contact us if you are an international customer, and you would like to find somewhere to stay closer to the studio in Vestsjælland, we can help you with a solution.  Otherwise, there is a direct train from central station in Copenhagen to the studio which takes one hour.
Staying in Copenhagen can be expensive. Depending on your tastes and your budget, the following link may help you choose something suitable.


Some of our international guests have highly recommended  this hotel in Copenhagen as it is brand new, very stylish, basic, but about half price of a regular hotel. WAKE UP COPENHAGEN

Listen to your tattooer! they know best. Even if it contradicts what your friend/ uncle/  expert has told you. Otherwise, if you follow the points listed below, it should keep you out of trouble.
#Leave the bandage or plastic covering on for at least three hours.
#Remove the covering and wash thoroughly with warm water and soap. Don't use anything abrasive, but wash it thoroughly.
#Pat dry with a clean towel, and let it air dry for ten minutes or so before you apply some aftercare lotion sparingly on the area. Your tattooer will recommend a lotion, but generally, babycare skin lotions like panthenol creme do the trick, or vitamin E or the like. Don´t overdo it!
#Don´t get it sunburned while its healing,   Yes! you can go in the sun, and no, you don't need to wear protective clothing as long as you are sensible with it.
# Don´t go swimming or get into any hot tubs or spa/ swimming pools for a week.
#Don´t fuss with it too much. Wash it every time you shower, then dry and apply lotion. Wash your hands before you touch your new tattoo and apply lotion to it.
#Healing times vary  from a few days to a few weeks depending on a lot of factors, but your tattooer will give you a good estimation of how much time to allow for healing, the physical process, and any restrictions to your daily routine which might affect healing times. New tattoos do not usually affect your lifestyle much, training and working out is normally ok, though full contact sports might need to be toned down for a few days, in case of possible abrasion.


Drinking is not allowed while being tattooed, and  It is advisable to take it easy the night before your appointment, as heavy drinking thins the blood, and is potentially  problematic for your tattoo session.


If you are a new customer, and would like to make an appointment with one of us, you will find a direct email link on our contact page where you can write to us to talk about your  idea. We specialize in very specific  styles, so if your tattoo idea is better suited to another tattooer, we will try to recommend  somebody else outside the shop in order to better meet your needs.   All appointments require a deposit.


Customers, especially from outside Denmark, should be aware that there are sometimes restrictions on the allowable withdrawal amounts per day, (normally 2000 kroner) so this should be taken into account while planning your funds. 


We accept all major credit cards. Discuss with us before your appointment about methods of payment if you would like to  pay in foreign currencies, use  paypal, or bank transfer /smart phone systems. We will try to accommodate your needs, but please ask us first. We are transparent about our prices, and will happily discuss it with you in person. Contact us!


Consultations are an important part of the tattoo process, as this is the time that you discuss all the particulars of your tattoo and agree on the details and process ahead. You are welcome to write us an email  to ask about your idea, but most times you will be asked to call to arrange a consultation time to meet in person. Consultations can sometimes be done via email for those of you coming from long distances. If this is the case, you may also need to send photographs of the area to be tattooed, or existing tattoos etc.


The tattooing process can get messy! its not advisable to wear your best white clothes, or best anything for that matter, as there is a good chance it might end up with ink on it! regulars bring their own clean towel, and a plastic bag to stow it in, for their own comfort and protection.



 The tattoo shop is not a  place for anyone under 18 years old, so don´t bring children  (or babies/ strollers) with you when you  get tattooed. 


You will be required to pay a deposit to secure an appointment time. Generally this will be paid at the time of your consultation, after agreeing on the details of the tattoo. Deposits are usually five hundred Danish Kroner, though you may be asked for a larger sum if your tattoo is particularly large, complex, or time consuming. You will forfeit your deposit if you miss an appointment without a minimum twenty four hours advance notice. It is possible to pay deposits via bank transfer or paypal if you are outside of Denmark. Details of this can be discussed with your tattooer.



It is a good idea to eat before your tattoo appointment, especially if it is your first! Sometimes people don't because they are excited, but its a good idea to keep up energy and blood sugar levels. Most people bring snacks and drinks with them to their appointment. We encourage you to do this.

There are several currency exchanges in the local area around the shop. Your local currency MAY be accepted as payment but you must CHECK first with your tattooer.


Are great to have- especially when you need a loan! But we dont have room for them during your tattoo session or consultation. This applies to wives, husbands, girlfriends etc.. Avoid disappointment by leaving friends and family at home. Concessions are made for people travelling together, or people getting tattooed together on the same day etc. but please arrange it with us first, as we just dont have a lot of space in our small studio!  


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